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Domestic Electricians: When Do You Need To Rewire An Old House?

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As domestic electricians, we understand that old homes can be worrying. Whether you are a homeowner, a landlord, or are considering a purchase, old houses often need rewiring. This is an expense, but a necessary one. Homes with faulty or out-of-date wiring often cost more to power, fail to work properly, and even risk your health.

Read on for our guide on when you need to rewire an old home.

How Often Does A House Need Rewiring?

Once every 25 years. This is the maximum amount of time you should leave a home’s wiring before having it professionally rewired by a domestic electrician.

If you considering the purchase of a property, make sure to ask when the electricals were last rewired. If they’re due, or coming up on being due, then that should be taken into account when negotiating a price.

It should be noted that 25 years is the maximum amount of time between rewirings, not the minimum. Often enough, there are signs within a property that its electricals need refurbishing immediately.

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Signs That Your Property Needs Rewiring

If you are considering whether a property you already own is in need of rewiring, then look out for the following symptoms.

The Fuse Box Regularly Trips

Most of us have, at some point, had to flip our fuse boxes back on after all the power has gone out. However, if you find yourself needing to do this regularly, then there may be larger electrical issues at work. Contact a domestic electrician to have your home checked for faulty or worn-out wiring.

Hand Switching Power Switch On A Fusebox. Close Up Of Electricia

Crackling Or Buzzing Noises

If you hear this noise, especially if it’s coming from your electrical sockets, then you have a problem. This noise often signifies that the wiring in the socket is arcing. That means that your electricity is sparking from one part of the wire to another. This is a sign of faulty, damaged, or decrepit wiring.

Failing to address this issue will, at best, lead to the failure of the outlet. At worst, it represents a significant health and safety risk, both electrocution and fire. Make sure to contact a domestic electrician before that happens.

There Are Signs Of Burning Around The Plugs And Sockets

Are plugs and sockets discoloured around the sides or have a burning smell? If so, then this is another symptom of poor electricals. It means that the electricity has been escaping its wiring and affecting the area around it. This inevitably leads to the risk of fire and electrocution if not dealt with promptly.

The Electrical Sockets Are Broken Or Cracked

This can be a sign of poor use or simple wear and tear. Either way, a broken or cracked electrical socket is something that must be replaced as soon as possible.

Even if the socket is still technically functional, a broken or cracked socket represents a serious issue. An electrical socket’s housing is vital in preventing stray sparks and electrocution.

Arcing Plug Socket

The Plugs Get Very Hot When Used

This is typically a sign of a faulty component, an overloaded circuit, or a loose connection. Electricity conveys heat. When that electricity is not properly insulated, the heat escapes into the surrounding materials.

As mentioned above, starker examples of escaped electricity involve a burning smell or discolouring in the wall around the socket. However, a milder, usually earlier, symptom is that the plug socket becomes uncomfortably hot when in use.

Flickering Lights

While the occasional light flicker isn’t a concern in its own right, constant flickering is. If the flickering persists after you’ve replaced the bulbs in your lights, then the problem is likely in your wiring. You will need to have this checked by a professional domestic electrician in order to solve this problem.

Lightbulb Turned Off

Contact Us

If the wiring in your home has reached or is reaching its 25-year mark, or if you have noticed any of the symptoms described, contact us today.

At KS Electrical Solutions we specialise as domestic electricians. We are fully certified by the National Association of Professional Inspectors and Testers (NAPIT) and are TrustMark registered. With over 35 years of experience in the industry, you can be sure that your home’s wiring is in good hands.

For more information about what we can do for your home electricals, contact us today.


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