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The Advantages Of Security Lighting

Flood Light On External Brick Wall Daytime Look Up

Security lighting is an easy and cost-effective solution to increase the security of your home or company.

Read on for our full guide to the advantages of security lighting.

Theft Deterrence

The main purpose of security lighting is to deter potential intruders from your home or business. These lights can be set to turn on at certain times, at certain light levels, or when they detect motion. They light up the grounds surrounding a property, increasing visibility, and starkly rendering any would-be intruder.

Burglar Picking Lock Of A House


Homes and businesses can often become hazardous in the dark. Small tripping hazards can transform into serious health risks when they are no longer visible. In addition to warding off break-ins, security lights can solve this issue by illuminating a safe way into a property.

Illuminated Garden Alley In The Night


While its primary job is to provide security, security lighting also enhances the operation of your outdoor area. The ambient tones they emit make it more comfortable for friends and guests to meet outside in the late hours. Furthermore, these warm tones may significantly improve a property’s visual appeal.

Suburban Home During Late Evening Well Lit By Security Lighting

Where Should You Position Your Security Lighting?

Positioning is vital. To maximise its advantages, make sure that your security lighting covers the following areas:


Keep all entries into your property well-lit to deter burglars and increase visibility while entering and exiting the building. Additionally, it is supremely helpful when trying to fit keys into your door locks.

Security Lights Highlighting A Front Door


Any walkways leading to your property should be well-marked to avoid people tripping on invisible hazards. It also helps mark the correct direction for visitors to go in.

Home Lit By Security Lights Illuminating The Path(1)


In the dark of night, steps become one of the most dangerous tripping hazards on a property. Security lighting prevents this. It properly illuminates the space it covers, letting people know where they should go and where it is safe to step.

Sky With Stars In Background Of Suburban Home During Late Evenin

Address Signs

This is especially important when you are expecting night-time visits or deliveries. Having your physical address number clearly visible and highlighted by the lighting helps people know that they are in the right place.

House Address Number Sign Well Lit By Security Lighting

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For high-quality security lighting installed by industry professionals, contact us at KS Electrical Solutions today. Our team not only installs security lighting, but we are also available to advise you on its most strategic placement, as well as which type is best for you.

Competitively priced and with over 35 years of experience under our belts, our team stands at the ready to help your home become that much more secure.

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