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PAT Testing Explained

Pat Tested Plug With Lots Of Other Plugs In Background

You may have heard of PAT testing, but if you haven’t had it done before you might be unfamiliar with what it is. To strip it back to the bare bones, it’s an inspection of an electrical item which ensures it’s safe for use. Let’s go into a bit more detail about this service. What […]

PAT Testing: Frequently Asked Questions

Pat Testing device

What Is Portable Appliance Testing? A Portable Appliance Test (PAT) is an inspection of electrical equipment and appliances. PAT testing is done to make sure that they are safe and ready to use. The majority of electrical safety flaws are found through visual examination, however, certain flaws can only be detected by checks via specialist […]

What Is A PAT Test And What Is It Used For?

Uk Plug

PAT testing is an important service for electrical devices. It’s important for everybody to ensure these appliances are maintained well and safe to use. We’ve put together this brief overview on what you should know about it: What Is PAT Testing? The acronym stands for ‘portable appliance testing‘ and it involves examining devices to make […]

Qualities To Look For In A Professional Electrician

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Are you looking for electricians in your area? It can sometimes be difficult finding reliable workers, whether you’re looking for domestic projects or commercial. Here are some things you should look out for when choosing a professional: Associations & Accreditations Electricians undertake specialist work, and there are a lot of risks involved. This is why […]

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